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Bluster be Brief!

There's an air of brevity in any levity Im experiencing at the moment. Though I aught to mention my intention is to lengthen the breadth of lightening of the burrowedness of my brow, lifting my unplucked eyebrows looking up and out and dancing into lightness of light and love, my mood shimmering as I adjust to the briskness of the bright that can lighten the load on my broad shoulders leaning to brace the bolchy bully of this western wind.
hands of peace

TheatreSarah Update

I am officially a #Domestic Goddess. I can now make delicious bread the old fashioned way with organic wholegrain spelt&herb and with pasta madre instead of yeast. #HappySarah My Italian friend gave me some pasta madre and showed me how it works. It is a natural live culture. Also I just worked out that the spelt I used has the same amount of protein as the organic porridge oats that I like: 12.4% protein! Which means the 500g loaf I took out of the oven this morning has 62g of easy to absorb vegetable protein! ..not just a pretty face I tell you! :D

This means that my new flat now smells of herb bread baking, and that is another reason for me to love it here. I am living back in County Leitrim and I am LOVING IT! The flat is spacious, colorful, and with lots of natural light in the main living space. There are tennis courts for residents out the back - which I have yet to make very good use of… anyone like to play tennis?

In the mornings since I moved here I like to get up and out first thing and walk along the river Shannon, taking in the glorious country air and green, yellow, orange and brown countryside views. Now that it is getting colder, and that my mom totally got it absolutely right this recent birthday of mine, I hit the gym and swim after my refreshing walk along the river.

I get my fruit n veg at the local organic farmers market on a Thursday where there is a nice social buzz a few of us sit outside the coffee shop that is in the market yard where you may overhear us chattering about politics, activism, art, music, creative process, pets, crafts, how to get officially excommunicated from the Catholic Church, gardening, or local news. There are a number of shops in the Market Yard including a health food store with an always smiling, cheerful and helpful woman behind the counter, 'Naughty Bits' shop sells bits and bobs and nautical things, and a new charity shop -boutique /upmarket style- just opened on market day this week, where I got a gorgeous new handbag with butterflies on it.

Just around the corner from all of this is The Dock Arts Centre, which is the old court house converted into a theatre space, crafts shop, a bar, gallery spaces and a private studio space at the very top. There are alway beautiful things to behold there, and recently I was very inspired by an exhibition of paintings by a woman called Ann Quinn. Check out http://irishartnow.com/ANN-QUINN

In the theatre space there over the years I have done contemporary dance masterclasses, salsa classes, seen stand up comedy and most recently I saw Eleanor McEvoy there, who is an incredible guitarist and songwriter who's concerts are a masterclass in song composition. The craft shop is wonderful just to wander into as if it is a gallery, and they do not mind folks enjoying it that way.

In terms of work I've been having meetings and discussions with a Play Therapist friend of mine and we are starting to reach out to some local support groups in the area to see how they may be interested in availing of the skills and experience with have to offer as a duo. We are also developing a Resiliance Training package for working with teenagers, and we are going to a seminar on suicide prevention and mental health awareness later this week. In the new year we are planning to begin sessional and occasional work. In the new year I am planning to run some one day/taster trainings in Forum Theatre, and introduction to Dramatherapy sessions too. I have a million and one more ideas of projects and groups I want to work with, but I am pacing myself. I have framed and put up the important certificates up in what I call my office: my Bachelor of Arts in Drama (Performance), my Master of Arts in Dramatherapy and my Certificate of Registration with IACAT (Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists). I've also stuck one of my new business cards up there, and a small board with a hoop and net and a soft ball so that I remember to play as well as work.

I have been more focussed on home, health, work and spending time with nearby friends of late, and though I've been doing some music, it has not been as highly in focus this past while. Having said that I have been painting the last couple of weeks, and Im out of canvas and paper - Ive started to paint on bits of cardboard and squeezing to the ends of some tubes of paint. YAY paint on the office table! :D

So that is probably enough information for now. I haven't figured out how to shorten the post and put a link to read a longer version, so this is how it's getting posted...

I hope Thanksgiving has been a joyous occasion for those who celebrate it.

Big Love to one and All.
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Sleepy Awake and yet, Cheerful.

It is really late here and Im still awake! ive been asleep nearly five hours by this time the last week or so.... Is it music Monday yet? ... This is one I've listened to a few times tonight already ... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P51LunEV3Sk&feature=relmfu

Not sure if that's even gonna work.. Howandever it's Madonna's True Blue.

At least I'm having a cheerful sleepless night!

hands of peace

Whatever happens... Dont worry

Ive been feeling a lot of fear lately, and Im about to do something Ive never done before - traveling far away from The Island on my own. 

I have a good track record for feeling the fear and doing it anyway, but fear my friends is a sneaky beast and he been creepin up on me but Jah be good ta me and remin' me today to feel the joy of life and let the worry go free on the breeze... 

Love and music save us all from the beast of fear. 


<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/WIM3GHvBQjY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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Glorious Love and Living

I am Immeasureably Blessed!! Bruce Sprinsteen and the E Street Band sufficiently took me to Church, blew my mind, rocked out, lifted my heart and soul and restored hope and faith in our human family. All that was even more amplified by the time, affection, gratitude, encouragement, laughter, tears, struggle, soothing, and glorious free flow of unconditional love with My People. Energised, enthused and resourced I return to the tracks for the last lap of the MA race.

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I have to admit that I am much less enthusiastic on the outset of this year than I had expected or hoped to be. The Anglo Saxon poem The Wanderer tonight echoes through the widest rings of my trunk, quakes to the tips of my roots, and ruffles my quivering leaves. I will put the text into a comment as it is quite long, and I haven't figured out how to do that thing where you have a highlighted word that opens the text up longer or hides it (if you get my meaning?). ..#AHA and at 3 o clock in the morning with a point in the right direction I figure out how to do that thingy (as demonstrated now below). ..3.30am and it doesn't appear to have worked. Apologies for any annoyance caused by such a lengthy post of your friends page. ..oh and well yes New Years Greetings and all that..
The translation I give you is not the most accurate but it is my favorite (sourced: http://www.anglo-saxons.net/hwaet/?do=get&type=text&id=wdr ). A more scholarly translation can be found: http://web.utk.edu/~rliuzza/401/Elegies.pdf .

I do recommend taking five minutes to bathe in it. 

Collapse )Collapse )

The echoes of these words resound the works of Tolkien and Martin, do you hear them in your heart as I do?

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December forcast

‎"...and the forcast for Planet Sarah for the month of December has been and continues to be conducive to stong gales of bend over backwards, with interspersed ungrateful hail aiming directly at your eyes at high speeds, with occasional moderately bright chirpy 'Christmas with Dino' spells followed by thunderous inconsistencies and paranoia's which are guaranteed to set you back hours if not years, exhausted temperatures that will sour into delerium and beyond. It is ill advised to venture out without waring Perseverance suits and slap-yourself-in-the-face-with-analysis gloves (small print: these items are only available lined with a copy of your Dramatherapy commitment signed in blood to staying with and surviving the pain.)"

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A prayer for Calling Up Song

Rise, Music, out of the Earth!
I feel it below me and just beyond this world
A cavern full of sound, a storm trapped beneath a mountain howls at the edge of my throat.
I burn to let it sing through me!
Rise up, music, in me and devour me-

Angela Galik 2009